Services For The Life Of Your Grow


Products, services and technology for large scale commercial cultivators.

Leaders in Maximizing the Economic Yield of Cultivation Facilities

urban-gro offers cultivation quality products, tailored solutions and advanced technology to our commercial cannabis clients across the United States, Canada, Jamaica and Australia. An overview of our services include:


Cultivation Equipment & Crop Management Products

By serving the largest national and international cultivators, urban-gro combines exceptional buying power and manufacturing of high quality, durable products to meet the needs of the evolving industry. We work with you to understand your goals and success metrics to support optimized operations.

  • Climate Control, Fertigation & Irrigation Distribution
  • Freshwater, Wastewater & Condensate Treatment Systems
  • HPS, CMH & LED Light Planning and CAD Design
  • Rolltop Benches
  • Odor Mitigation & Air Sanitizing
  • Pesticides & Biocontrols
  • Fans & Industrial Spray Applicators
  • Fertilizer & Plant Nutrition


Design & Integration Services

We like to think of ourselves as your strategic partner. Our professional design, engineering and integration services are coordinated with your team to ensure efficient and compliant operations – now and into the future.

  • Systems Design, Engineering & Integration
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning and Post-Commissioning Services
  • Remote Monitoring and Support
  • Integrated Pest Management


Technology Solutions

With significant investments in cultivation technologies, we are shaping the future of the industry. Through our technology solutions, we help you achieve sustainable cultivation operations.

  • Environmental Sensors
  • Environmental Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Asset Tracking

How can we help you?

Please contact our team (email us or call 720-390-3880) to discover how we can help you and your cultivation facility.