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urban-gro works with large-scale cannabis cultivators around the world, offering complete systems design, integration, and commissioning. We help cultivators achieve sustainable scalability with innovative crop management products, cultivation equipment, design and integration services, and technology.

Decades of Experience in the Horticulture and Cannabis Cultivation Industry

urban-gro was founded on the principle of supplying not only the very best in professional cultivation product solutions, services and technology, but also the knowledge and education required to maximize plant health and economic yield.

NCIA’s First Annual Cannavation and Cannatech Awards: Cultivation Technology
(February 2017)
Ranked 19th Largest Ancillary Business
Cannabis Business Executive
Top 150 Ancillary Businesses – 2016
Ranked 17th Largest Ancillary Business
Cannabis Business Executive’s
Top 150 Ancillary Businesses – 2017
Winner of the Innovation Battlefield at Marijuana Business Conference & Expo NEXT in New Orleans
(May 2018)
NCIA’s Second Annual Cannavation and Cannatech Awards:
Cultivation Technology
(February 2018)

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urban-gro’s Dividend Policy is to pay a steadily rising, sustainable dividend over time

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