How Can We
Help Your Grow?
we put the “plan”
in plants
Whether you’re designing a new cultivation facility or ready to scale up to a larger operation, our team of drafters, engineers, and scientists can help. We bring decades worth of combined commercial cultivation experience to craft fully-integrated systems and technology solutions.
Make Better Informed
Never miss a change in temperature or drop in humidity. With our Soleil Technologies line of sense and control technology, cultivators are able to monitor their canopy and grow environment conditions from anywhere, 24/7.
Outfit Your Facility or
Get Equipped
Commercial cultivators require commercial equipment built to withstand rugged cultivation environments. Our professional products are designed to scale with your facility as your cultivation grows, delivering exceptional outcomes and maximizing yield potential.
our upcoming events
We speak and exhibit at trade shows and conferences across the United States. Meet us at one of our events, or contact us about your commercial cultivation needs.
how can we help?
Existing Grow
I have an
We can help with equipment, products and services for optimal performance
New Grow
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We can help with planning, design, and technology to get you to market faster
urban-gro is a nationally-recognized agricultural solutions and ag-tech
company focused on serving commercial cultivators around the world.