water treatment

Water Treatment Process

Using water right out of the spigot for your Cannabis crops may be limiting their yields and reducing your profits. In many areas around the country, untreated source water may contain undesirable dissolved salts, which can limit the essential nutrients you can supply to your plants. Another concern with unregulated source water is temperature variation. Less than optimal temperatures can hinder the growth of your plants.

Oftentimes, excessive dissolved salts can be found in untreated source water. While some salts are necessary for proper Cannabis growth, excessive salts may be toxic for your Cannabis crop. Similarly, water that is too cold will limit the plants rate of metabolism and growth. To resolve these issues, urban-gro’s team of Cultivation Technologists analyze many aspects of your source water and develop a cost-effective pretreatment solution. Large-scale on demand tempering systems (possibly including carbon filter and/or high efficiency reverse osmosis) provide you with clean water that can be used for fertilizer injection.