Integrated Design Services

We Help Cultivators Save Time, Money and Resources

urban-gro is an agricultural solutions company focusing on systems integration and ag-tech for cannabis and high-value food crop markets.

urban-gro is a recognized national leader in the design, equipment procurement, project management, installation oversight, and commissioning of cultivation facility systems. To date, we have delivered over 5,000,000 square feet of facilities across the United States and Canada. Our customers say they appreciate urban-gro’s approach to design and integration because they trust our team and know that we will complete the project successfully.

Our Services

urban-gro provides full MEP and cultivation systems design and Soleil® high-density wireless sense technology to deliver high-performance cultivation facilities and enable real-time decisions that allow cultivators to operate at the most efficient levels.

Advanced technology coupled with the experience of horticulture / agriculture designers, engineers, and cultivation professionals has enabled cultivators to produce highly consistent, safe cannabis products. urban-gro’s team of cultivators, engineers, designers, commissioning agents, and pest management experts provide the following services.

Planning & Consensus

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Cultivation Needs Analysis (CNA)

Project Management & Commissioning

  • Professional Project Management
  • On-site Commissioning

Facility & Equipment Design Specification

  • MEP Design
  • Cultivation Systems Design (the guts)
  • Environmental Controls / Irrigation, Bench, Air Sanitation, Lighting Design Plans

Technology & Compliance

  • Maintenance & Technical Support
  • Pest Management Programs
  • Biologicals & Pesticides
  • Soleil Technologys.