Water Quality Analysis and Plans

Cannabis Cultivation: Water Quality Testing for Greenhouses and Indoor Grow Facilities

Similar to how we filter our drinking water to remove the things we don’t want in it, the same is true for plants.

Historically, because cultivators didn’t understand what was in their water they used reverse osmosis to strip it almost completely and start from a blank slate to build a water “recipe.” We now understand that such extreme (and costly) measures aren’t really necessary and instead, have adopted a more scientific approach to water treatment that relies on source water analysis to dictate protocol. By only removing from the source water what is necessary, large-scale cultivations may see significant annual cost savings over historical methods.

Unsurprisingly, the water in Las Vegas is different from the water in Denver which is different from the water in Los Angeles—but different how? That’s where chemical analysis comes in. By conducting a chemical water analysis unique to each cultivation, we are able to fully understand what exactly the water coming into the facility contains.

Creating a Customized Water Treatment Plan

Combined with what we know the cannabis plant needs to thrive, we are able to customize a water treatment plan to remove the undesired components that may pose a threat to the crop while supplementing with desired additives. This tactical approach is not only more economical, it doesn’t compromise the reliability of the system.

Example of water analysis report. From this report, we can utilize water softeners, remove heavy metals or adjust the pH levels as necessary.