Soleil® TechNOLOGY

The environmental conditions within your cultivation facility can be a good indicator of the overall health of your crop and proper functioning of systems. For instance, if it’s too hot in one area of the room it might mean that an air handler has gone down, and worse, could create conditions conducive to pests. For growers operating commercial cultivations, it can be difficult to consistently monitor the micro-climates throughout the facility. Just because things look good in the northwest corner of the room, doesn’t mean that the temperature/ humidity/ airflow is the same in the southeast corner. What’s more, as a facility scales, it becomes increasingly difficult to manually monitor conditions using fragmented systems.

urban-gro offers Soleil Technology, the cannabis industry’s only integrated high-density sensor network built especially to monitor—and act upon—the canopy and environmental conditions within your grow.

While sensors are not new to agriculture or cannabis, what the Soleil sensor technology can do is.  Soleil sensors monitor micro-climates at a level not previously supported by the wired and wireless systems available on the market—truly enabling precision agriculture.

Soleil Technology is available exclusively through urban-gro. Please visit for more information and how to order.

Data Feed

  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wireless Signal
  • Battery Level

Calculated Data Available

  • VPD
  • Implied Airflow
  • Dew Point
  • Wet / Dry Bulb Temp



  • Battery powered (>1 year)