soleil technologies

Soleil® Sense – Wireless Sense and Control Technology

This High-Density Internet of Things (HD-IoT) solution enables extremely low-power wireless sensor networks that deliver data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for machine learning. When used throughout the lifecycle of Cannabis cultivation and logistics, these sensors give immediate insight into the cultivation operations to make better informed decisions. Using the technology, the entire staff from grower to investor can remotely monitor key metrics, including substrate moisture and EC (electrical conductivity) levels on a per plant basis, humidity, temperature, and VPD (vapor pressure deficit) in the plant canopy and throughout the growing environment, and analyze water flow and pressure at key points in the fertigation system.

Soleil® 360

The Soleil platform integrates all of your facility’s key operating systems in one easy to monitor interface, informing cultivators with the real-time data they need to make better informed decisions. Easily scalable and requiring minimal energy to operate, the system is 2,000 times more efficient than Bluetooth and can be expanded to accommodate 2,000+ fixtures. Hosted on the cloud, data is available on web-enabled devices, including Android and iOS operating systems. This unprecedented level of visibility spanning the entire cultivation lifecycle and logistics ecosystem, enables artificial intelligence (AI) applications previously unavailable to the horticulture and Cannabis industries.

Soleil® Controls

With a multitude of environmental factors that can affect your crop’s yield—from lighting, to temperature and humidity, to air quality—commercial cultivators must seek ways to automate climate control. With Soleil, cultivators are able to define their ideal environment and set associated parameters to ensure optimal climate conditions at every stage of growth. In large-scale cultivation facilities, manually managing facility controls is not only time and cost ineffective, it also exposes the crop to human error and inconsistency. By automating these systems cultivators are able to lower the cost of production, thereby maximizing yields.

Soleil® Lighting

The Soleil light fixtures have been developed to optimize efficiency, uniformity, and budget.

With different reflector choices, our fixtures can be installed in greenhouses or warehouses. We provide professional light plans to ensure cultivators’ goals are being met for the different stages of growth and transition periods. Our Soleil fixtures may be fully controlled though our integrated control platforms, maximizing operational efficiency and consistency.


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