Fertigation for North American Facilities
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urban-gro has an experienced team of Cultivation Technologists that provide custom fertigation design unique to your facility and your needs and goals. This is a design service for urban-gro clients to utilize in tandem with our fertigation product offerings for large scale cannabis cultivators across North America.

Product Specifications
Argus Controls: Fertigation solutions
Integrate your fertigation with the facility's environmental control system where it can be monitored and managed from a centralized user interface.
Argus Controls: Multi-Feed RM
Part of a complete fertigation management system designed to fit the way you manage your crops. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are.
Creating the right nutrient mix for your growing operations is a delicate science. A well-designed fertilizer injection and irrigation (fertigation) system is critical for the long-term success of your cultivation facility.
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