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urban-gro has an experienced team of Cultivation Technologists that provide custom fertigation design unique to your facility and your needs and goals. This is a design service for urban-gro clients to utilize in tandem with our fertigation product offerings for large scale cannabis cultivators.
Product Specifications
urban-gro has partnered with Argus Controls to provide large scale Cannabis cultivation facilities with design and support of the installation of advanced control systems.
Creating the right nutrient mix for your growing operations is a delicate science. A well-designed fertilizer injection and irrigation (fertigation) system is critical for the long-term success of your cultivation facility.
PRIVA NutriJet
For healthy growth of the crop, it is of great importance to use the correct dosing system for the required fertilizers.
PRIVA NutriFlex
Precise application of water and nutrients is critical to good crop performance.
PRIVA NutriFit
Safe and cost conscious use of water and fertilizers in horticulture is a challenge for every grower.
PRIVA Connext
Accurate coordination of all your cultivation processes – Whatever crop you grow, it is important that you have control over all technical processes that are relevant in cultivation.
PRIVA Compass
Point your crops in the right direction – The world population continues to increase and climate conditions continue to change. These factors not only make successful crops ever more important, but an even greater challenge, too.
More than ever, ease of use, speed, and reliability are clearly visible in the latest generation of Priva’s building management system: Priva Blue ID hardware paired with the Top Control 8 software suite.
PRIVA Vialux M-Line
Affordable water disinfection with UV light for any horticulture company. That is what the Priva Vialux M-Line stands for. With UV disinfection, significant improvements can be realized with regard to disease control and efficient water use. Besides the Vialux M-Line meets the most stringent demands for food hygiene.
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