While this may seem unsettling, the fact is 100% of growers will experience pest pressures. Whether you grow indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse, cannabis pests can quickly become a big problem for growers.

Rest assured, urban-gro can help you. Developed from an analysis of your current pest control tactics and outcomes, our comprehensive IPM pest management package is a holistic, individualized pest prevention program, using compliant chemicals and beneficial biocontrols.

Once we have developed a plan for your cultivation, we train your employees using our exclusive prevention methods (including routine scouting) to help you identify future pest problems before they become outbreaks. We provide you with the required documentation you need to avoid an independent health and sanitary audit, helping you stay compliant and prevent regulatory fines, hearings, government seizure or shut down.

Contact us at to learn about our programs and how they can help your grow.

urban-gro, Inc. (OTCQX: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.