Odor Mitigation

Our products are proven to significantly reduce odor safely.
Stay compliant and be a good neighbor.

Significantly Reduce Odor

urban-gro offers a whole suite of patented technology product options to meet your needs to reduce odors and clean the air and environment. Our products are made for greenhouse and indoor cultivation environments. They work to actively “scrub” ducting, air and surfaces.

Eliminate Molds, Microbes, Bacteria and Particulates

Any cultivation facilities can be a breeding ground for molds, microbes, bacteria and particulates. Our technology solutions reduce bacterial and other microbial contaminants by 99+% while being completely safe for workers and plants.

Several Different Module Types

Our air treatment systems come in several different module types to meet a variety of needs. One of the most popular options is our in-duct unit that discretely and actively cleans air in the area, not just the air that is being pushed through the duct. Other popular options are the free standing or wall mount units for larger spaces.

Our Customers Can Be Confident in Their Ability to
Reduce Odors and Eliminate Microbial Contaminants