Large-Scale Pesticide Applicators

Large-Scale Pesticide Applicators

Cannabis cultivators have grown from small operations over the years to sophisticated Medium to Large Scale Growers. As Cultivation facilities have grown, many have kept application processes that are out-of-date and inefficient for larger-scale operations.

For example, some cultivators are still using home paint sprayers or a series of backpack sprayers to apply pesticides. What they don’t realize is that they are wasting time and product, while not achieving complete coverage and setting themselves up for costly repeat replacements.

At urban-gro, we advise our cannabis cultivator clients to use the right tools for the job. Our commercial pesticide applicators are made in America and built by farmers. With pressure options from drench to foliar spray to pressure washer they are a must-have for commercial cannabis facilities utilizing high pressures and special spray nozzles that help get under the leaves where pests like to hide.

urban-gro is an exclusive distributor of the heaviest duty sprayers on the market. We have demo models at our Lafayette, Colorado facility. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll show you how our sprayers can save you time and money.


What are the benefits?

  • Reduce your application time by 2/3rds or more.
  • Free your labor up to do more facility maintenance, cleaning, training, and scouting.
  • Perhaps most importantly, they increase the application efficacy by improving coverage and penetration onto the plant surfaces and into the plant canopy through high pressure and the use of a rotational spray pattern that gets leaves up and separated.