Integrated Pest Management
urban-gro’s integrated SOP IPM approach to commercial cultivation includes the following product solutions:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) promotes healthy, relatively pest-free crops. Using our scientific and experience-based techniques coupled with our best-practices approach of integrated systems to prevent and treat pests, urban-gro provides a variety of state (or in the case of California, County) approved products and solutions to promote pest-free crops.

Through the prevention, monitoring and scouting of pests, our SOP IPM programs take a no- to low-toxicity approach to the compliant marketability of your crop. More importantly, these no- and low-toxic solutions are now required by regulations in each legal state or in California each County. As the laws continue to change as to what are acceptable solutions, our SOP IPM services can keep you both compliant and clean.

We take the headache out of tracking the ever-changing regulations, and our programs keep you compliant.

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