Integrated Cultivation Design
We Help Cultivators Save Time, Money and Resources

urban-gro, Inc. is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high-performance indoor cultivation facilities around the world. To date, we have designed over 400 facilities across the United States and Canada.

Our customers say they appreciate urban-gro’s approach to design and integration because they trust our team and know that we will complete the project successfully.

Our Approach & Services
We are often asked what does Integrated Cultivation Design entail? We like to describe these systems as the “guts of the grow” – and through our design and engineering, we integrate these critical systems to ensure they are designed for optimal performance, meet the requirements of your business and cultivation grows, and enable you to repeatedly deliver successful cultivations.

What are our keys to successfully working with cultivators across North America and the world?

Early Stage Engagement
Large-scale cultivation facilities are extremely complex and highly customized to meet the unique specifications and needs of each operation. With a multitude success factors and stakeholders to satisfy, early-stage engagement enables urban-gro to build consensus and ensure proper sizing of key equipment and systems (e.g. lighting, building controls, and fertigation). This collective decision making helps to prevent mistakes and re-work later in the project lifecycle, ultimately saving time and money by bringing the operation online faster.

Professionally Designed by Experts
Professionally designed layouts for benches, fans, and lighting ensure optimal function and total systems integration. We work alongside contractors and engineers of record to build a thoughtfully laid out and compliant facility that is well-equipped to compete in a competitive market, both today and well into the future. All of urban-gro’s professional systems designs—including design schematics and Process and Engineering diagrams, and shop drawings— are drafted in CAD by our team of in-house designers and engineers.
Engaging Stakeholders Leads to Succcessful Outcomes

We have an eight-point process for design and systems integration. Our process is tailored to meet the needs of your business, operations, and facility goals.

1. Engage with urban-gro for a Cultivator Needs Analysis

2. Schedule Project Kick-Off

3. Review/Discuss Recommendations

4. Approve Design Concepts for Production

5. Production Commences / Updates Provided

6. Final Production for Team Review and Approval

7. Procurement

8. Commissioning

& Programming
Cultivation Space Programming
Cultivation Needs Analysis (CNA)
Project Management
& Commissioning
Professional Project Management
On-site Commissioning
Facility & Equipment
Design Specification
MEP Design
Cultivation Systems Design (the guts)
Environmental Controls / Irrigation, Bench, Air Sanitation, Lighting Design Plans
& Compliance
Maintenance & Technical Support
Pest Management Programs
Biologicals & Pesticides
Soleil Technology
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urban-gro, Inc. (NASDAQ: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.