Commercial Cannabis Grow Room Design
integrating complex systems for indoor cultivation facilities

Engineering, Design Services, and Complex Integration Systems for High-Performance Cultivation Facilities in North America and Europe

Our team of expert engineers and designers have experience in the design, engineering, and start-up / commissioning of more than 400 facilities across North America. We provide turn-key commercial cannabis grow room design services and solutions that not only meet our customers’ business goals, but also drive efficient workflow that interoperates with the environment, people, plants, and processes.

Our team provides commercial cannabis grow room designs to meet the most stringent of regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

our comprehensive design services
Considering the importance of seamless integration of all building systems, a deficiency in one or more systems can impact the facility’s overall efficiency and performance. The result may be reduced yields, increased energy consumption, and reduced market competitiveness.
What outcome can you expect from working with urban-gro?

A sustainable, long-term economic advantage for your cultivation practice that drives production cost lower while influencing a higher yield.
Cultivation Space Programming (CSP)
Cultivation Space Programming is the foundation of an organized, informed approach. It enables the business and cultivation functions to work in unison to efficiently and consistently produce economically competitive plants.
Mechanical Design & Engineering (MEP)
With the ability to provide stamped drawings in every state and province, our MEP design and engineering services offer expert design of HVAC and electrical systems for purpose-built commercial facilities with specific environmental needs.
Integrated Cultivation
Design (ICD)
Often referred to as the “guts of the grow,” our holistic cultivation system design and engineering teams ensure critical systems are designed for integrated, optimal performance. These systems drive business performance and enable repeatability and scale.
Commissioning /
gro-care Services
Our Commissioning and gro-care teams support our growers in-facility and virtually to verify the proper installation of cultivation systems, that the desired systems functionality is realized, and to train the cultivation staff to prevent downtime and loss of production by ensuring business continuity is maintained.

Renovations / Upgrades / Repurposing of Existing Buildings into Cultivation Facilities
Nearly 80% of our design of indoor grow room facilities involves the repurposing of existing facilities. Our grow room design teams perform site investigations of existing buildings to ensure adequate space, utilities, and that the existing building attributes are conducive to transformation into a high-performance indoor cultivation facility. As stated by Brian Zimmerman of Impact Engineering, “The building will reveal itself.”

A Collaborative Approach with Design and Construction Teams
The methods and approaches to the design and construction of cultivation facilities are still quickly evolving. We work efficiently with both veteran teams and those new to the industry. Our collaboration goals and focus on execution remain consistent: we help teams answer the unexpected design questions before they become construction problems. We proactively address construction issues before they are left for the owner to resolve—which is oftentimes too late.
Where are You in the Design / Build Process?
I need a design Cultivation Space Programming (CSP) is a great first step to realizing a successful cultivation facility
I have the design, but need to improve it CSP and MEP Engineering can provide peer reviews and professional advice of your current design.
I have the design, but need construction documents CSP and ICD can provide cultivation planning and guidance.
I have the drawings, but need to get the permit Our MEP team can provide you with a consultative peer review of your drawings to ensure your equipment and systems is correctly sized to your facility.
My needs are all or some of the above Our holistic integrated approach to cultivation facility design span from energy-consuming systems to cultivation systems, provides you with peace of mind that every detail has been explored.
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urban-gro, Inc. (NASDAQ: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.