Gro-care Cannabis Managed Services
preventing downtime in your cultivation

Horticulture and cannabis cultivation equipment is complex. The equipment often lacks an easy-to-use interface and requires extensive tuning. However, training and support from vendors are expensive and difficult to reserve, making it difficult to prevent downtime.

At urban-gro, we offer gro-care Cannabis Managed Services to solve this problem.

gro-care Cannabis Cultivation Consulting
urban-gro's gro-care marijuana / cannabis managed services are an aggregation of our team's expertise across a diverse set of equipment, nutrients, pesticides, and workflow processes, developed through years of building and consulting for the world's largest cannabis cultivations, around the world.

gro-care services are provided at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, but it allows clients to leverage a team of +30 experts in system engineering, industrial programming, workforce analysis, IPM, compliance, and procurement. And as the leading system integrator in cannabis, we have the most experience across every piece of equipment, system, consumable product and software in the cultivation industry.

From setting up and operating your environmental controller, to sourcing compliant products that'll protect your crops from powdery mildew, we'll make sure your team is able to handle any issue that emerges. These offerings include, but are not limited to:
The gro-care marijuana / cannabis managed service focuses on:

Preventing downtime in cultivation facilities via remote monitoring, including for Argus Controls

Optimizing your yields and labor resources with staff training and workflow audits

Minimizing your fire drills through offsite and onsite support
Commissioning &
Staff training for using and troubleshooting your equipment

Recommissioning / retro-commissioning of cultivation systems

Off-hours hotline and support services
Remote setpoint optimization and analysis

Remote monitoring of digital equipment

Alarm analysis and notification

System optimization for HVAC/Electrical
Workflow optimization, relative to available space and labor

Establishment of recurring purchases, based on the maintenance schedule, crop cycle, or other

Purchase order requests for maintenance, IPM, or other
Integrated Pest Management
IPM plan consultation
Compliant nutrient/pesticide screening

IPM facility audits and staff training
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urban-gro, Inc. (NASDAQ: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.