Commercial Cannabis Fertigation: Bringing Automation, Efficiency & Precision

urban-gro has an experienced team of Cultivation Technologists that provide custom fertigation design unique to your facility and its needs and challenges. This is a complimentary service for urban-gro clients to utilize in tandem with our best in class fertigation product offerings for large scale Cannabis cultivators.

Precision and Efficiency

What is the best way to apply water and nutrients? You need to use the right tools for the job to improve precision and efficiency on Cannabis crops.

Custom Designed Nutrient Injection Systems

Hand-measuring each batch of nutrient solution is time consuming and has a high potential for error. Instead of taking this risk, we recommend investment in a precise fertilizer injection system to reduce mixing time and reduce the risk of operator error. You can decrease your fertilizer mixing time by more than 90%. urban-gro can work with your grower to design a custom fertigation system for you which is a precise distribution system controlling the application of commercial fertilizer and irrigation water.

Maintain your competitive edge and get ahead of your competition

Our clients receive free professionally-designed irrigation plans.

Injection Methods

Small to Mid-Size Facilities

  • Dosatron – A Water-Powered Nutrient Injector
  • Manually adjust nutrient concentrations on each injector
  • Multiple units available for different injection and flow rates
  • Injection rates can be adjusted in mL/gal, ratios, or percentages
  • pH & ppm/EC can be monitored before nutrient solution reaches plants
Large Scale Facilities
Argus Multi-Feed – A High Performance Computer-Based Injection System

  • Designed for pressurized in-line injection.
  • Dose up to 8 stock solutions plus separate acid and base concentrates. Up to 14 stock solutions can be simultaneously managed with the addition of a Multi-Feed RME expansion unit.
  • ‘Dial-in’ the feed recipe and feed strength required. The Argus system can also automatically adjust recipes in relation to stage of the crop, time of day, leach rates, measured EC, etc.
  • The Argus system can support up to 64 feed recipes on a single Multi-Feed injector.
  • The Multi-Feed RM is supplied with the complete complement of sensors, monitoring, and safety alarms, while detailed data recording helps you track injector operation and performance down to the second.
  • Fully automated management of system capacity, line pressurization, and all irrigation system components including pumps, distribution branches, solenoid, and purge valves
  • Control of all types of application on equipment including zone valves, NFT, flood benches, high precision nutrient control, and monitoring of stock nutrient tanks is available.

Distribution System

The distribution system following the nutrient injectors is designed based on specifications set by the grower. Trunk lines, feeder lines, zones and sub-zones will distribute nutrient solution throughout the facility. Manifolds and electric solenoid valves will dictate which nutrient solution is fed where.

What is Controlled by a Fertigation System?

  • Concentrations and ratios of nutrients
  • Irrigation timing, how much gets applied and when
  • Precise volumes of nutrient solution to each plant
  • pH of final nutrient solution


  • There are numerous different emitters to use in your distribution system
  • Emitter selection is based on container size, media, irrigation times, and irrigation method


  • The controller is the brain of the fertigation system
  • There are numerous controller options based on the desired level of automation
  • A majority of controllers have cloud based capabilities and allow the user to remotely program the system

Filters, Flush Valves & Maintenance

  • Filters, flush valves, and system maintenance keep the system operating properly and consistently
  • Reduction of particulates, visible debris, and bio-film is crucial to the proper maintenance of any fertigation system
  • Filters, flush valves, and maintenance SOP are customized to each fertigation system based on your facility’s parameters

When you work with urban-gro, your cultivation facility receives expert design, procurement and commissioning.

Design is the most critical part of any fertigation system.
Calculating the size of pumps, pipes, filters, and emitters all take place during the design phase.
The design phase produces pipe layouts, plumbing schematics, wiring schematics, flow rates, and total irrigation times

Our Clients Receive Expert Design and Layout

Substrates within Fertigation

urban-gro offers substrates that are designed to work with your particular fertigation system. To take advantage of the benefits of automation, your choice of substrate is important as you need to have specific water-to-air ratios in your substrate. urban-gro is the exclusive commercial distributor for Batch:64, which offers products geared towards large commercial growers—ideal for fully automated programs. Batch:64 products are engineered to produce maximum yields and quality crops. The product line is expertly blended using quality ingredients that produce rapid growth and premium yields. Batch:64 is made from the finest quality natural, organic ingredients. Batch:64 products ensure a clean grow you can feel good about. Contact us about commercial pricing of Batch:64.

“urban-gro brings large-scale horticultural expertise to the commercial Cannabis industry.”