Wastewater Treatment Process

Wastewater Treatment Process

Amended in 1972, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) is the Federal legislation regulating, among other things, the treatment of wastewater. Just as runoff from America’s homes and farms yield high levels of nutrient salts and biological oxygen demand (BOD), wastewater from commercial Cannabis cultivation that flows into the municipal and regional sanitary sewers must not exceed certain limits of fertilizer salts and BOD as set by state and municipal governments. At urban-gro, we customize wastewater treatment plans to devise the most effective and economical program.

Recirculating System

In a recirculating (recirc) system, the runoff or excess water leftover after an irrigation is collected in a reservoir, sterilized, re-balanced with nutrients, topped off, and then sent back out to irrigate on the next round.

Recycle System

In a recycle system, the discharged solution is collected, stripped of all nutrients, and then used as fresh water again.

Water Sanitation

Water sanitation plays a critical role in every cultivation because when irrigating crops, it’s important to know that the solution is disease-free. Suppose one plant is sick, when the post-irrigation runoff is collected that plant deposits microbes that are sent back to the central system. If left untreated and sent back out, the disease may leech through multiple root zones throughout the facility. Think of it like the entire office sharing one glass of water—someone is always going to be sick.

At urban-gro, we employ a combination of tactics to combat the spread of disease. One approach involves water running through tubes with high-intensity UV lamps in the center. As the water flows through the tubes, the light kills the microbes present. Good microbes are then added back in before the water is reused. Alternately, ozone (O3) may be used to oxidize the water which is also effective at killing microbes.

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