Climate Control

Precision Control for Consistent Results

At urban-gro, we understand how to create an ideal growing environment in a commercial facility.

We bring climate control with professional design and technology integration for the benefit of your plants and the people managing your crop.
Giving a nod to big agriculture, we know the best way to grow is with automation. This is able to accomplish cultivation tasks with precision over large areas and eliminates human fatigue or distraction.

These control systems allow you to deliver the same actions, every time and the same time, once the instructions are programmed into the system. It also has built in alarms and contingencies if any system shows an error.

Why It Matters

Successful indoor cultivation requires controlled temperature, relative humidity, and airflow that can be pre-programmed, fully monitored and adjusted, as needed. With precision controls you can create expected results.

These integrated systems are able to:

  • Smooth out temperature and humidity changes throughout the day to create a healthy foundation for plants.
  • Manage day to night temperature by accounting for the heat gain and loss with the lights turning off and on.
  • Reduced stress on plants lessens the risk of pest infestations that can decimate a crop.
  • Avoid common missteps that cause crop to fail state regulated microbial or pesticide testing.
  • Automatically turn-on only 10% of facility lights at a time to save a significant energy load pull and money on power bills.
  • Maintain unmatched levels of environmental control

How It Works

One brain controls all of the various factors of the climate. All of the controls are directed at maximizing quality yields and reducing risk factors.

These computer-controlled directives can connect climate factors with lighting controls, fertigation and irrigation automation, as well as heating and cooling.

Countless conditional statements on almost all aspects on an environment allow you as a cultivator to have a lot more control over your facility.

Actions can be initiated when certain criteria are met. Notifications can be sent to confirm these actions were fully executed. Alerts are sent if anything malfunctions.

A person can then go into addressing the problem and returning its operations to stasis. Alternatively, a disaster mitigation protocol can activate a specific prevention measure to compensate for another changed condition in order to protect your crop.

How We Can Help

Our extraordinary amount of experience working with technology in commercial cannabis cultivation facilities gives you the benefit of considering best practices. We want to help you make the right choices for your goals and your facility’s unique challenges that may be based on structure, weather, compliance issues, and budget considerations. Ultimately, we want you to have precision control of over your facility’s environment for the benefit of your crops and your bottom line.

We make our recommendations for the best controls technologies for your unique needs based on:

  • The type of structure
  • Size of facility
  • Existing ventilation systems
  • Weather conditions
  • State and local ordinances
  • Your cultivation goals

Beyond making a complete product recommendations for your needs, urban-gro’s in-house design team can provide layouts customized for your space. When supplying products our technical specialists focus on systems integration to make sure all of our systems are designed to work together. Then our commissioning group makes sure everything is installed correctly and running right.

You can be confident when you work with urban-gro. We will make sure you have what you need and it all works the way it is supposed to work. We are here for all of your climate control and commercial cultivation needs now, and for the life of your grow.