Bench Systems, Trays, and Accessories

Get Your Professionally Designed Cultivation Bench System in 8 Weeks

urban-gro provides professionally designed bench plans that maximize your cultivation space. Coupled with benches that roll 40% more than any competitor, you can maximize the space dedicated to your plant to 80% or greater of facility square footage. 

We provide the following bench systems, trays and accessories:

Ebb & Flow Benches

Our benches are designed and manufactured with quality materials. All our benches have legs, leveling headers, and bench top framework made from galvanized steel tubing from allied tubing. Side and end rails are extruded for us using marine grade aluminum. Our rounded bench corners are also custom extruded aluminum.

Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches

Ebb & Flow rolling benches are great for growing a huge array of crops. Sometimes referred to as ebb & flow rolling grow bench-es, are great for indoor grows do to only needing 1 aisle in the room wasting no space. All of our ebb & flow growing benches are custom made to all the exact specs needed by the customer.

Ebb & Flow Trays

In addition to our signature Ebb & Flow Benches, urban-gro also sells the Ebb & Flow trays. These can be used as replacement trays in existing Ebb & Flow benches, or to convert other existing benches into modern Ebb & Flow sub irrigation benches.

Expanded Metal Benches

urban-gro offers a line of expanded metal benches manufactured with the same quality materials as our signature Ebb & Flow benches. Our benches with expanded metal tops are identical to our Ebb & Flow benches, except that they have expanded metal bench tops in place of Ebb & Flow trays.

Plant Support Systems

urban-gro’s benches provide a plant support system which is made out off high grade galvanized steel tubing. They are custom made to fit your exact needs.

Request a Professional Bench Plan

urban-gro provides professional design services for cultivation facility bench layouts. These  CAD drawings are the foundation for optimizing your facility’s space, work areas and plant counts.

Request a bench plan quote today.