Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches

Designed for Top Lighting Applications

Industrial grade fixture fills the need for a small footprint, high output, energy efficient, and cost competitive option.

Ebb & Flow rolling benches are great for growing a huge array of crops. Sometimes referred to as ebb & flow rolling grow benches, are great for indoor grows do to only needing 1 aisle in the room wasting no space. All of our ebb & flow growing benches are custom made to all the exact specs needed by the customer.


  • Bench structure galvanized 1” steel tubing
  • Leveling header – 1 ¼” galvanized tubing, with 2” of leveling capability
  • Anti-Tip bracket welded together with galvanized steel tubing
  • Metal brackets to secure bench to concrete
  • Extruded Aluminum side rails, rounded bench corners
  • Molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow tray inserts
  • Bench connector barbed through one end to connect to ¾” hose
  • All necessary glue and fasteners for assemble
  • All parts pre-drilled, pre-punched, pre-cut ready to assemble

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