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Industrial grade fixture fills the need for a small footprint, high output, energy efficient, and cost competitive option.

urban-gro is one of the only companies in the US that stocks Ebb & Flow trays. All our benches have legs, leveling headers, and bench top framework made from galvanized steel tubing from allied tubing. Side and end rails are extruded for us using marine grade aluminum. Our rounded bench corners are also custom extruded aluminum.

These trays come in many different sizes and are also customizable!

Advantages of growing on Ebb & Flow benches:


  • Save 60 to 90% of labor compared to other irrigation methods.
  • Save 50-90% water compared to other methods of watering with a fully recirculating system.
  • Save 75-90% fertilizer compared to other methods of watering with a fully recirculating system.
  • Much easier to control relative humidity in the growing environment. Plant foliage, and floors under benches are always dry.
  • Crops are always watered very evenly. No more constant touching up watering on edges, etc.
  • Most crops grown on Ebb & Flow benches tend to finish 1 to 2 weeks earlier than other irrigation systems.
  • Growers report using significantly less chemicals, especially fungicides.
  • Ebb & Flow benches are ideal for retail areas. Watering can occur even when customers are in the area, with no hoses being used, and the floors remaining clean and dry.
  • Ebb & Flow benches can be stacked in propagation and seeding areas, and growth chambers. No water dripping down to lower levels from the upper ones.

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