Cultivation Space Programming
efficient interaction between cultivation and business functions

urban-gro, Inc. is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high-performance indoor cultivation facilities around the world. As expert engineers and designers of high-performance cultivation facilities, it is our job to create cultivation facilities that exceed our customers’ goals for efficient interaction between the people, plants, environment and processes critical to the economic success of the facility.

Cultivation Space Programming Process
urban-gro’s cultivation space programming, along with our mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering team and in conjunction with architectural and general construction partners, has integrated the best practices of horticulture, data centers and pools, and pharmaceutical-grade labs.
When Should You Start Cultivation Space Programming?
Cultivation Space Programming begins prior to the start of the design process. It is the foundation of an organized, informed approach which enables the business and cultivation functions to work together to efficiently produce economically competitive crops.
Identify and Engage
Project Stakeholders
Successful design and operation of a cultivation facility requires the input of owners, occupants and subject matter experts
Build Consensus
around Market Strategy
Business goals are expressed in the design and use of each space
Facility &
Site Evaluation
Comprehensive facility evaluation to ensure the site can achive stakeholder goals
Plant Density and
Production Goals
Throughput calculations in coordination with workflow ensure efficienct movement of plans and people

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urban-gro, Inc. (NASDAQ: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.