Controlled Environment Agriculture Design

Controlled Environment Agriculture Design

Our team of expert engineers and designers have experience in the design, engineering, and start-up/commissioning of more than 400 facilities across North America. These facilities all share the same goal, to cultivate high-quality plants for the lowest possible cost. While integrating the most sophisticated indoor agriculture technology in the world, urban-gro leverages our team members’ extensive experience with a multitude of crop types such as tomatoes, leafy greens, baby greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as perennials, tropicals and ornamental plant production. We provide turn-key indoor cultivation facility design services and solutions that not only meet our customers’ business goals, but also drive efficient workflow that interoperates with the environment, people, plants, and processes.

Our team provides Controlled Environment Agriculture facility (CEA) design to meet the most stringent regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

Our Comprehensive Design Services

Considering the importance of seamless integration of all building systems, a deficiency in one or more systems can impact the facility’s overall efficiency and performance. The result may be reduced plant production, increased energy consumption, and reduced market competitiveness.

  • Cultivation Space Programming (CSP)
  • Cultivation Space Programming is the foundation of an organized, informed approach. It enables the business and cultivation functions to work in unison to produce economically competitive high-value crops efficiently and consistently.

  • Mechanical Design & Engineering (MEP)
  • With the ability to provide stamped drawings in every state and province, our MEP design and engineering services offer expert design of HVAC and electrical systems for purpose-built indoor cultivation facilities with specific environmental needs.

  • Integrated Cultivation Design (ICD)
  • Often referred to as the “guts of the grow,” our holistic cultivation system design and engineering teams ensure critical systems are designed for integrated, optimal performance. These systems drive business performance and enable repeatability and scale.

  • Commissioning / gro-care™ Managed Services
  • Our Commissioning and gro-care teams support our growers in-facility and virtually to verify the proper installation of cultivation systems, that the desired systems functionality is realized, and to train the cultivation staff to prevent downtime and loss of production by ensuring business continuity is maintained.

    Renovations / Upgrades / Repurposing of Existing Buildings into Controlled Indoor Agriculture

    Nearly 80% of our design of indoor facilities involves the repurposing of existing facilities. Our facility design teams perform site investigations of existing buildings to ensure adequate space, utilities, and that the existing building attributes are conducive to transformation into a high-performance indoor cultivation facility. As stated by Brian Zimmerman, PE, President of Impact Engineering, “the building will reveal itself.”

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    urban-gro, Inc. (NASDAQ: UGRO) provides design and engineering services for Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities and integrates complex environmental equipment systems into these high-performance facilities.