climate control

At urban-gro we understand how to design and provide the technology for a cultivation facility with an ideal growing environment in mind. Whether it is temperature, relative humidity, air flow, or odor control – we’ve got you covered.

Large-scale Cannabis cultivation requires many elements working together in harmony to create an ideal environment to maximize yield and quality, while reducing the risks of pest infestations that can decimate a crop, or cause it to fail state regulated microbial and pesticide testing.

Ideally you want an even arc of temperature and relative humidity in your facility. Slight and constant changes throughout the day cause plants stress, which is the cause of any number of problems. By smoothing it out you are creating a foundation which positively impacts plant health, pest management, yield and quality.

Depending on the unique needs of your facility, our team is able to make recommendations of any number of technology solutions and aid in the design and integration based on our extensive knowledge of Cannabis cultivation.

We’ve partnered with the best large scale horticultural companies to bring their products to you, the commercial cannabis cultivator. Our team is able to troubleshoot and make recommendations from our full suite of products with your needs in mind.

Size and complexity is one factor. Local ordinances and weather conditions are another. We understand that indoor Cannabis cultivation facilities require complex and durable equipment to maintain optimal conditions at all times. You can now attain an unmatched level of environmental control that results in uniform plant development throughout each room while streamlining workflow.

Some cities have made odor control a priority, where in other locations this is less of a factor. Each state has different outdoor temperatures, relative humidity, and degrees of change throughout the year. Each indoor facility or greenhouse will be impacted slightly differently by these elements based on the location, type of structure, and existing ventilation system.
Our team will work with you to determine your needs now and in the seasons ahead.

Our climate and environmental control products solutions include:


Traditional fans blow across the top of the crop. Often we will recommend the V-Flo fan which is installed in the ceiling or a horizontal beam and blows air downward, penetrating the crop, and then pulling air back up again. They are sturdy and rust-resistant.

Odor Control

We have a line of products that can be stand-alone units or inserted into air ducts to eliminate or vastly reduce odor both in the facility and as it is leaving the building.


We offer solutions that eliminate bacteria, spores, molds and any other microbial containments in the environment.


Precision Control

Whether you are looking for precision control in dosing for fertigation or for climate control and automation we have the right solutions for your facility.

Dosatron is a great place to start for many facilities. It automates fertigation delivering consistent amounts of fertilizers and water.

Argus is the next step up and is ideal for larger facilities looking to accomplish greater amounts of control over their environments with the most sophisticated technology on the market for this purpose.


  • Argus delivers
  • Precision Climate Control
  • Intelligent Lighting Control
  • Advanced Irrigation & Fertigation
  • Custom Monitoring Solutions

Do I need a Dosatron?

Do I need an Argus?

Do I need a Dosatron?

Do I need an Argus?


< 10,000 sq ft

> 10,000 sq ft


< 10,000 sq ft - Dosatron

> 10,000 sq ft – Argus


< 5 grow zones

> 5 grow zones


< 5 grow zones - Dosatron

> 5 grow zones – Argus


< 5

> 5


< 5 - Dosatron

> 5 – Argus


< 10

Up to 64 per zone


< 10 - Dosatron

Up to 64 per zone – Argus





N/A – Dosatron

Detailed – Argus



Remote notification


N/A – Dosatron

Remote notification – Argus

Environmental Controls


Connects and reports on lighting, temperature, and humidity

Environmental Controls

N/A – Dosatron

Connects and reports on lighting, temperature, and humidity – Argus

urban-gro has partnered with Argus Controls to provide large scale cannabis cultivation facilities with design and support of the installation of advanced control systems. These systems are customized to meet your facility’s requirements and adaptable to changing needs.

Argus and urban-gro provide a complete hardware and software solution that is exceptionally serviceable, scalable, and flexible to meet grower’s monitoring and automation needs. The wealth of information captured by the system enables you to make informed decisions and precise adjustments to your operating environment.

Argus technology can be integrated with urban-gro’s exclusive line of plant sensors to provide a unique mix of advanced climate control, irrigation, and nutrient management capabilities to help you steer your crop toward optimum production.
Automated fertigation enables growers to develop, refine and repeat specific growth conditions to produce specific plant properties in every harvest. Long-term, sustainable crop success due to a repeatable process, results in a better bottom line.
As leading Cannabis fertigation and control experts, and as Argus’ Cannabis cultivation facility design partner, urban-gro analyses your existing or planned cultivation, and designs the optimal fertigation, climate control and alarm solution. urban-gro also designs the fertigation distribution systems, using the most reliable and precise equipment and maintenance techniques in the horticulture marketplace.

Precision Control for Consistent Results

Why It Matters

One brain that controls all of the various factors of the climate is important to maximize quality yields and reduce risk factors. It helps a cultivator to produce a uniform crop consistently. If anything breaks or isn’t operating at optimal function in the cultivation facility, an alert will be sent. Then someone can go and look into addressing the problem and returning the facility and its operations to stasis. There is also the option to preprogram a disaster remediation protocol so the computer system can activate a specific preventative measure to compensate for another changed condition in order to protect your crop.

Additionally, a computer control system can do more for a cultivation facility than a thermostat. A thermostat allows a temperature to hit a critical point before it kicks on to make the room hotter or colder. A human can easily adjust to a wider temperature variable than a plant. A plant is going to want a consistent temperature and humidity. If there is a change in the environment, a plant wants it to be on an even arc, rather than constant fluctuations. If you rely solely on a thermostat you are exposing your plants to an enormous amount of stress. Growers also want to manage the cooling and heating transitions between lights off and lights on, as the lights themselves provide an enormous amount of heat that is part of the daylight environment and absent in the nighttime environment. Computer systems can kick on heating or cooling to time with the lights so plants remain in an optimal temperature and humidity arc.

Another benefit to a central computer control is its ability to consistently and precisely turn the lights on in waves. In a large facility, it is recommended to turn on 10% of them, then another 10%, and so on. That is a more effective use of energy, because anytime an appliance is powered on, it draws more energy and then it drops down. It is best to spread that turning on over time. The plants benefit, the grid benefits and your pocket book benefits from a lower energy bill. A computer will guarantee that the right percentage of lights go on or off at the right time without any room for human error or distraction.

How It Works

With sophisticated computer controls there can be a lot of conditional statements. Actions can be initiated when certain criteria is met. For example, a computer can measure the light accumulation, and irrigate off of the amount of light that the plants are getting. You can program it so that after so many moles of light they’re going to need an irrigation. Countless conditional statements on almost any aspect of an environment allow you as a cultivator to have a lot more control of your cultivation facility.

We carry a host of best in class horticultural technology solutions. We can make product recommendations based on your unique needs. We then take it a step further. Our technical specialists focus on systems integration. You can be confident that when you work with urban-gro we have experience in making sure all of your technology solutions work together. We even have commissioning services to audit an installation and make everything is working as it is supposed to work for the benefit of your plants and the people managing your crop.