HPS, LED and Hybrid Lighting Solutions for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

World-class lighting technology coupled with expert planning for superior quality product and maximized yields.




urban-gro’s suite of HPS, CMH and LED lighting solutions is designed with large-scale cannabis cultivation in mind. Our light options for grow environments and plant stages, include:

  • Indoor warehouse facilities where the lighting system provides 100% of the available light for Cannabis growth.
  • Greenhouses where the system provides supplemental lighting based on the Daily Light Integral. Our team of experts will guide the process to ensure optimal light is achieved.
  • Specific lighting to taylor the growth stages of clone, veg, mother, and bloom.

Lights can be affixed with different reflectors in order to maximize efficiency, uniformity and penetration. urban-gro provides cannabis lighting options including the following types of LED, HPS and CMH options.

Professional Light Plans

Our team of cultivation technologists have decades of experience building detailed lighting plans for every kind of commercial grow environment. urban-gro works with your team to prepare a
light plan to ensure that light uniformity and light levels are adequate for your crop.

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