Air Sanitizers

Air Sanitizers

Many states require commercial cannabis to undergo microbial testing for live mold and mildew spores. Your financial success is dependent on having “clean” results.

Producing cannabis crops free of live fungus and mold spores can be a challenge. In addition to the highly-prevalent powdery mildew, there are hundreds of natural fungus spores in the air that we are breathing – and which land on our plants – all the time.

Air sanitizers are one of the most effective methods of reducing the spread of fungus spores. Our air sanitizers are installed in your HVAC system and produce gaseous hydrogen peroxide-like molecules. The molecules are distributed throughout the production facility, and sterilize fungus spores with which they come in contact – both in the air and on the plant. We have seen a drop in the microbial testing failure rate by 80% and more at facilities using our air sanitizers in their flowering rooms.

While air sanitizers are a significant investment in your Cannabis crop, at urban-gro, we have evaluated and chosen the most economical and efficient air sanitizers on the market.

Air sanitizers are another tool in your toolbox, but they are not a silver bullet. Air sanitizers do not kill the powdery mildew in the plant, they simply prevent it from spreading. To kill powdery mildew inside the plant, urban-gro sells Procidic, an organic-approved systemic fungicide.