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Decades of Experience in the Horticulture and Cannabis Cultivation Industry

urban-gro was founded on the principle of supplying not only the very best in professional cultivation product solutions, services and technology, but also the knowledge and education required to maximize plant health and economic yield.

NCIA’s First Annual Cannavation and Cannatech Awards: Cultivation Technology
(February 2017)
Ranked 19th Largest Ancillary Business
Cannabis Business Executive
Top 150 Ancillary Businesses – 2016
Ranked 17th Largest Ancillary Business
Cannabis Business Executive’s
Top 150 Ancillary Businesses – 2017
Winner of the Innovation Battlefield at Marijuana Business Conference & Expo NEXT in New Orleans
(May 2018)
NCIA’s Second Annual Cannavation and Cannatech Awards:
Cultivation Technology
(February 2018)
We understand that each grow is unique and every facility presents a different set of opportunities and challenges. By taking the time to understand your unique circumstances, we are able to customize a lighting and pest management plan to help you meet your goals, maximizing efficiency and securing any eligible rebate offers.

Contact us to learn how we can help you set up your new grow or improve your existing facility.


Bradley Nattrass | Chief Executive Officer

Serving as the CEO for the company, and in addition to managing the strategic direction of the company, Brad manages the sales, marketing, and finance divisions.

After spending a decade working for agricultural giant, Cargill Ltd., Brad ventured out to begin his entrepreneurial career in 2005. After building companies in the US and Mexico, Brad co-founded his first lighting company in 2012, and expanded to launch urban-gro shortly thereafter.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Marketing) and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Octavio Gutierrez | Chief Development Officer

Serving as Chief Development Officer, Tavo leads the engineering and product development teams in the research and development, product design and engineering, and deployment of new products.

With over 15 years of experience in the lighting industry, in addition to ensuring that the products that the company distributes are manufactured to the highest level of quality, Tavo’s passion for creating new products has led to the addition of multiple new offerings.

Tavo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

Bob Pullar | Chief Financial Officer

With a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University, Bob Pullar has filled CFO and COO leadership roles in companies across the United States and Canada. Bob’s primary focus is on equity and debt financing for the acquisition on new and the growth of existing businesses and projects. Bob also has deep experience in turn arounds, and capital restructuring.

Dan Droller | Vice President of Corporate Development
As Vice President of Corporate Development, Dan is responsible for the evaluation of new products, services and technology for urban-gro’s cannabis and horticulture markets. Dan is currently leading the Soleil Technologies (soleiltech.ag) engineering, product development, and technology teams to bring high density internet of things (HDIoT) sensors, controls and software platform for the agriculture/horticulture industry.
Mark Doherty | Vice President of Cultivation Technologies
Joining urban-gro in 2016, Mark Doherty brings extensive cultivation and project management experience to the legal cannabis cultivation space. Mark applies his background in commercial-scale aquaponic farming, combined with his personally-inspired passion for cannabis advocacy and access, to further urban-gro’s commitment to helping cultivators achieve sustained scalability with innovative technologies that drive down cost, increase economic yield, and reduce environmental impact.
Shelly Peterson | Vice President of Sales

Serving as the Vice President of Lighting Technologies for the last four years, Shelly manages the company’s sales force located across the country. Her passion for eco-friendly solutions and creating a sustainable environment ensures that the commercial cultivator is provided with a lighting plan that utilizes the least amount of equipment. Further, her skills learned in the commercial lighting industry have enabled her to work with regional electrical providers to maximize available utility rebates for urban-gro’s customers.

Stan Wagner | Vice President of Marketing

Stan Wagner serves as Vice President of Marketing and oversees the company’s marketing, advertising, PR, social and digital media strategies. Stan has been involved in Colorado’s legal Cannabis industry since 2013, and his interest is the nexus of Cannabis and the built environment. Throughout Stan’s 25 years of working in marketing, operations, business development, and recruiting, his goal has been to listen and solve problems through creative, durable solutions. Stan holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Urban Analysis from the University of Texas.