Lighting Approach

Lighting Approach

urban-gro’s lighting design and products help maximize the yields and profitability of new and existing cultivation facilities.

At urban-gro, we are committed to providing the most cost effective, efficient light source to the plant canopy by focusing on the cost of μmoles per photon delivered to the crop.

urban-gro supplies a large range of reflectors and fixtures. Each reflector has been developed to provide an optimum light distribution for cannabis crops depending on stage of growth and constraints within the building or greenhouse. Reflectors are used to ensure that the light penetrates deeper into the crop in the most efficient way possible. Many of our reflectors are designed with maintenance in mind— they can be cleaned and do not need to be replaced annually.

Our detailed light plans prove it. urban-gro prepares a complimentary light plan to ensure that light uniformity and light levels are adequate for your crop. As technologies change, proper planning is essential to ensure light levels are not compromised in such a way that may negatively affect plant yield.

There are several other technologies that claim efficiency and power savings, but as growers report, and our own expert lighting team has witnessed, they fail to produce the correct intensity and uniformity needed to maximize plant yield.

Our professionally engineered plans guarantee light levels measured in μmol.

We invite you to embrace a better way to grow— your cannabis, your business, and your bottom line.

Science Meets Finance

Cannabis is a crop like any other, but it has unique technical, financial and legal considerations.

Learning Best Practices

Whereas all other crops have extensive research and study into best practices, legal Cannabis is a brand-new game, and thus, lacks the multitude on studies on best practices given to other horticultural commodities.

Those who will be the most successful cannabis growers need to find and align themselves with experienced professionals who can help them make decisions that take into consideration their particular set of challenges.

Protect Your Investment

As a crop, cannabis has the highest cost per pound market value compared to tomatoes, corn, or any other crop. This makes the investments to grow and protect a healthy crop and find ways to increase yield very important. However, as the prices for Cannabis decreases with more supply continuing to come online, growers need to find greater efficiencies.

High Cost of Energy

Energy is one of the greatest ongoing costs for growers, making up well over 50% of overhead costs. Finding ways to get maximum production per square foot and reducing the final cost of goods sold (COGS) is essential to yield a sustainable return on investment (ROI). Commercial grow facilities also require a significant capital invest both in terms of initial set up and ongoing upgrades and retrofitting. The choice of lighting is a key component.

Planning for Efficiency

At urban-gro, our Cannabis lighting division not only manufactures and sells the most respected lighting products in horticulture, we provide a comprehensive lighting system solutions for our clients. This includes working closely with clients to assess their situation and understand light level needs, power voltage, and cost considerations to deliver the best Cannabis lighting design plans and corresponding product solutions. These light plans map the number of fixtures and their location to ensure the necessary light intensity and uniformity.

Capital Improvement

Our professionally designed lighting plans and financial forecasting are useful in managing investor relationships and pursuing capital planning strategies. urban-gro prepares a complimentary light plan to ensure that light uniformity and light levels are adequate for your crop. Our professionally engineered plans guarantee light levels measured in μmol.

Rebate Programs

We are able to advise our clients on specific energy rebate programs for cultivation sites offered by various utility providers, helping them to prepare and present the application required to qualify for incentives.

Four Essential Questions

To assess what type of lighting will be best for your grow facility, it starts by asking the right questions.

When looking at cannabis lighting, growers should look at light output and light distribution as this intensity and uniformity will provide the greatest yields. But, while lighting output and light distribution are important metrics, light conversion efficiency is also a strong indicator of a successful grow set-up.  How much light is reaching your crop and how much is being wasted?

The following are questions that our team of Cannabis lighting professionals will want to understand before making a recommendation. These are also questions you should be asking yourself as you go through the process of assessing how to design or retrofit your facility.

Understanding DLI

It starts by understanding DLI (daily light integral) which is the amount of PAR received each day as a function of light intensity (instantaneous light: μmol·m-2·s-1) and duration (day). It is expressed as moles of light (mol) per square meter (m-2) per day (d-1), or: mol·m-2·d-1 (moles per day).

The DLI concept is like a rain gauge. Just as a rain gauge collects the total rain in a particular location over a period of time, DLI MEASURES THE TOTAL AMOUNT OF PAR RECEIVED IN A DAY.

Greenhouse growers can use light meters to measure the number of light photons that accumulate in a square meter over a 24-hour period. In a greenhouse, values seldom exceed 25 mol∙m-2∙d-1 due to glazing, structure, shadowing. In a warehouse environment 100% of the light comes from lighting fixtures and can also be measured with a professional light meter.

Four Essential Questions

    • What is the efficiency of the fixture? (measured in μmoles/watt)

    • Is the spectrum correct for the stage of growth?

    • What is the intensity you are targeting for each stage of growth?

    • What is the capital cost per photon delivered to the plant canopy?


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“As the Cannabis crop price decreases, it’s the efficient growers that will be successful. This starts with ensuring your lighting system is optimized for maximum plant growth.”





Other brands have gained a reputation as the “cannabis” light, but that evolved from them being popular in a basement/hobby setting. As the market expands and production facilities scale to match commercial production in line with other agricultural products – a more professional and proven lighting system is significantly more advantageous for higher efficiencies and maximum yields. All stages of cannabis growth from clone, vegetative or bloom, and all sizes of grow facilities—all are now able to be covered by the most respected professional horticulture lighting systems on the market.

Wide Range of Reliable Products

urban-gro offers a complete range of innovative fixtures, lamps, and reflectors for optimized light distribution in a variety of technologies including LED, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), and Hybrid Systems. For each lighting solution, we provide a comprehensive light plan to ensure optimized crop growth through adequate light penetration and uniformity into the crop. We are committed to being at the forefront of innovation and technology in Horticulture and Cannabis lighting sectors. Our strength lies in how we combine growers’ requirements with new insights into cultivation techniques to transform technical possibilities with reliable products.

As technologies change, proper planning is essential to ensure light levels are not compromised potentially affecting plant yield. urban-gro’s customized lighting plans allow for the proper micromole output with the fewest fixtures possible, saving substantial energy and cost. Additionally, our fixtures do not require reflector replacement annually. Instead, the design of the fixture allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, returning the reflectivity to near-new year after year.

By utilizing a high-pressure sodium 1000w double ended lamp, growers can use approximately 20% less energy compared with traditional 1000w Mogul based lamps while also seeing improved light levels. Furthermore, the lamp is rated for 10,000 hours (~2 years in bloom) and will only degrade by 10%. The days of changing HPS lamps every 6 months to have adequate light levels are over.

Installations and Inspections

All products we offer are UL, ETL or CSA listed to ensure our clients don’t have issues during the inspection process. Our installations are backed by a warranty supported by a Colorado-based service center.

UL Listed and available in 240V, 277V, 347V and 400V.

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Lighting Tips for

Grower Success

    • Plan lighting for all stages of Cannabis growth.

    • Plan your greenhouse supplemental lighting for December’s lower sunlight levels.

    • Proper lighting can reduce heat loads which means lower HVAC costs.

    • Plan carefully to reduce shading from structural elements.

Let Us Help You

The relationship between light conversion and the growth of the cannabis plant is critical for your success. With that in mind, urban-gro takes its guarantee of the light levels in our design plans and lighting products seriously. You can be confident that your plants are getting all the light they need.

Check out our wide variety of lighting products including LED solutions.

“urban-gro helps warehouse and greenhouse cultivators maximize their lighting investments.”