Cannabis Grow Lights

urban-gro lighting products help maximize the yields and profitability of new and existing cultivation facilities through our lighting and PL lighting systems.

Lighting Systems for the Cannabis Industry

urban–gro is proud to be a U.S. distributor for P.L. Light Systems for the cannabis industry. P.L. Light Systems, based in Holland and Canada, has been the leader in the professional horticulture market for “almost” 40 years and develops and manufactures the most advanced horticulture fixtures on the market.

All products we offer are UL, ETL or CSA listed to ensure our clients don’t have issues during the inspection process.

We are committed to providing the most cost effective, efficient light source to the plant canopy.  Our detailed light plans prove it.  There are several other technologies that claim efficiency and power savings,  but fail to produce the correct intensity needed to maximize plant yield.  As technologies change,  it is essential proper planning is provided to ensure light levels are not compromised therefore affecting plant yield.  The light levels achieved by PL’s revolutionary HSE NXT2 fixture allow for the proper micromole output while using fewer fixtures and saving substantial energy.

Our installations are backed by a warranty supported by a Colorado-based service center.

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“I specialize in tailored lighting packages and solutions for the Cannabis industry. We work directly with utility companies across the country to maximize utility rebates while maintaining proper light intensity to the crop.”Shelly Peterson

PL Light Systems is the market leader in horticultural lighting with years of lighting knowledge and experience. Regardless of the stage of your grow facility—clone, vegetative (metal halide), or bloom—all are now covered by a professional horticulture system.

Unlike our competitors, PL Light Systems does not recommend replacing reflectors every year.  Due to the design of the fixture the reflector is easily maintained and can be cleaned with the proper instructions returning the reflectivity close to new on an annual basis.

By utilizing a high pressure sodium 1000w double ended lamp, growers can use approximately 20% less traditional 1000w Mogul Based Equipment and light levels are improved. Additionally, the lamp is rated for 10,000 hours (~2 years in bloom) and will only degrade by 10%. The days of changing HPS lamps every 6 months to have adequate light levels are over.

UL Listed and available in 240V, 277V, 347V and 400V.

Complimentary Lighting Plans for Cannabis Growers
urban-gro prepares a free light plan to ensure that light uniformity and light levels are adequate for your crop. Our professionally engineered plans (in conjunction with PL products) guarantee light levels measured in umol.

“As the Cannabis crop price decreases, it’s the efficient growers that will be successful. This starts with ensuring your lighting system is optimized for maximum plant growth.”Shelly Peterson