are pests threatening your Cannabis crop?

urban-gro offers emergency and preventative pest management solutions to protect your Cannabis crops. .

A Single Aphid Can Lay Up To
Eggs in 30 Days
at the end of 5 weeks, You could Have
Aphids Infesting Your Crop

Preventative and Emergency Pest Management Services

Through urban-gro’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we promote healthy, pest-free crops with scientific and experience-based techniques through our best-practices approach of integrated systems to prevent and treat pests.

Are you looking for a preventative solution? If so, urban-gro provides a variety of products and solutions to promote a pest-free Cannabis crop. Our approach to IPM takes a low-toxicity approach to preserve the marketability of your crop.

If you have a current infestation, please contact us immediately. Every day is critical in helping you to overcome your infestation. You can email or call us for a confidential conversation.

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