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urban-gro brings large-scale technologies and products for each segment of Cannabis production

Products & Technology for Your Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

While the Cannabis market is growing rapidly, wholesale prices are decreasing, so cultivators need to continually find ways to reduce operating costs. urban-gro helps Cannabis facilities reduce their cultivation costs through our array of cultivation product solutions.

urban-gro brings large scale technologies and products for each segment of Cannabis production, including lighting, integrated pest management (IPM), nutrition, fertigation, and water treatment. Our products are integrated to ensure a cohesive approach to cultivation that is economical and legal. One without the other – and you simply won’t get the full competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

How can our products and services help you?

Through the proper use of lighting, pest management, fertigation, and water technology, urban-gro can provide uniformity throughout your commercial Cannabis crops. urban-gro’s experience with large scale horticulture automation reduces the per-pound cost for Cannabis products – and this helps you to remain ahead of your competition.

What about automation and plant quality?

Your competitors are automating so they can reduce their operating costs. Automation increases the consistency of their nutrient and pesticide applications, reduces their risk to pest damage, and minimizes the time it takes to care for their crop. Automation does not mean a lower quality product. It means smart product solutions which save you time and money, and increases consistency.

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“Treating Cannabis with timely applications of highly effective, low human-toxicity pesticides, alongside routine monitoring and the use of beneficial insects and biology ensures pest-free harvests, as well as grow house safety and legal compliance.”John "Chandler"

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