P.L. Light Systems introduces Lightshine reflector cleaning service in North America

The commercial greenhouse industry has seen significant innovation over the past few years. The greenhouse of today looks remarkably different to those considered to be at the cutting edge of design just a decade ago. The most significant innovations have been in greenhouse technologies—driven by increasing energy and labor costs. Growers have realized the advantages of investing in equipment and automated systems that will reduce their operating costs (including labor, maintenance and energy-related costs) and increase their bottom line.

 As such, energy-efficient supplemental lighting systems are a logical investment for most greenhouse operators, but they often do not realize there is also a lot to be gained from ‘simple’ measures like cleaning and maintaining the lighting fixtures in the greenhouse. Typically, cleaning reflectors is a labor-intensive task done by hand, and does not necessarily deliver the best results. With PL Light’s fully-automated Lightshine service, however, reflector cleaning can be a simple and efficient process.

 It’s simple. All you have to do is contact PL Light Systems to schedule your Lightshine service in the spring/summer months and we will take care of the rest. PL Light will collect the reflectors from your facility, and return them to you cleaned and ready for optimal performance come the fall.

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