Providing product solutions for the commercial cannabis cultivator

urban-gro’s products maximize the yields and profitability of Cannabis cultivation facilities across the country. We provide commercial grade LED and HPS grow light systems, integrated pest management, automated fertilization / irrigation solutions, and a complete line of water treatment solutions.

  • Global Leader in Horticultural Lighting since 1977
  • Most Efficient Reflector Technology in the Industry
  • LED and Hybrid Solutions
  • Legal and Effective Pesticide Solutions
  • Biological Control Programs
  • Air Sanitizer Systems
  • Large-Scale Pesticide Applicators
  • Complete Irrigation Design
  • In-Line Nutrient Injectors
  • Pressure Compensated Drip Emitters
  • Automation-Friendly Substrates
  • High Capacity, On-Demand In-line Water Tempering Systems
  • Custom High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • On-Site Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

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