Providing product solutions for the commercial cannabis cultivator

urban-gro’s products maximize the yields and profitability of Cannabis cultivation facilities across the country. We provide commercial grade LED and HPS grow light systems, integrated pest management, automated fertilization / irrigation solutions, and a complete line of water treatment solutions.

Global Leader in Horticultural Lighting since 1977

Most Efficient Reflector Technology in the Industry

LED and Hybrid Solutions

Legal and Effective Pesticide Solutions

Biological Control Programs

Air Sanitizer Systems

Large-Scale Pesticide Applicators

Complete Irrigation Design

In-Line Nutrient Injectors

Pressure Compensated Drip Emitters

Automation-Friendly Substrates

High Capacity, On-Demand In-line Water Tempering Systems

Custom High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Systems

On-Site Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

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